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Welcome to OT2

OT2 is a bonsai collection management software for *nix systems and windows, it helps you to manage your trees, your pots and your pictures.

The 1.1 version has been released, in english, french, spanish and dutch.
  • Basics features

    • Unlimited number of  trees and pots with their detailed characteristics.
    • Sort trees according to their name, age, species..., show all of them or only a subset (mature bonsai, potensai, kusamono...)
    • For each tree, you can record or schedule any work, remark, treatement, etc.. 
    • Add as many pictures as you want. Pictures can be resized and moved to a repository while the original may be saved in another place.
    • See the complete history of a tree, pictures and events displayed together or separated.
    • For rempotting events, choose the pot to put the tree in.
    • Full fledged installer/desinstaller
    • Free sotfware (as defined by the FSF) :  no limitations, no customer code, will always be free.
    • ...and many more.
  • Advanced features :

    • Easy to use interface, tabbed navigation.
    • Integration with you favorite image editor : no more lengthy search on your hard drive to find a picture for a virtual.
    • Export your tree data to a set of HTML pages. 
    • Batch management of trees with progressive individualization. Very handy for seedlings!
    • Data stored in file or in a mySql server, local or distant (GNU/Linux only feature)
    • Use the industry standard SQL language to store the data :  your data is safely keeped and still belongs to you !
    • and more...
  • Supported platforms :

    • Binaries availables for Windows98, 2000, XP. Sorry Windows 95 is not supported
    • Run on GNU/Linux  (in fact it is developped on it) or any Unix-like system but you must compile it by yourself.
    • Mac OS X :  a Mac OS X universal binary is  available.

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